Session Music: Goldfrapp

One of my favorite things is the way music can bring inspiration to sessions. It can play such an important part in a successful play scene, don’t you think? The wrong music, something too contradictory, can kill a scene. But the right kind, one in harmony with the energy or even instigating through its melody, can help make for a truly memorable time.

This evening I’m listening to Goldfrapp’s Felt Mountain. It’s one of my very favorite albums. I love how trippy, sparkly and sultry it is. It brings to mind a fantasy that would go a little something like this:

I’ll ease you in with heavy tease and denial, my feminine curves taunting you, my soft skin serenading you and the light scent of my perfume confusing your will into submission. Before you know it you’re on your knees. Your body quivers as you feel my breath on your skin. My brown eyes stare into yours and I see into to the depths of you. There’s no use in fighting it. You start to go down with the obedience of a trusting child. This, of course, is just the beginning.

I move you into light corporal punishment, though slow at first so that I can savor your flesh beneath me. You’re warm to the touch as blood races through your veins, excited by the nearness of me. You are my prized possession. Rhythmically I build you into an arc of sensuous pain; the sting of my hand on your bare ass a divine caress. Each time I make contact with your body, you find yourself wanting more. And more, and more.

And then…

Well, I don’t tell all of my secrets. But be assured, my sweet, that you’ll find yourself in a most decadent space – deep, floaty and transcendent. Come let me feast on you. Your body and my Dominance will merge into an orchestra of the senses.


Mistress Lexi