Encouragement & Sensual Body Exercise

How do you manage stress when it seems that everything around you is falling apart? It can be easy to shut off all your feelings and stay in your head. This episode is a reminder that you have a beautiful resource within you: your unique sensuality. Let’s explore it.

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Live Podcast Tonight & Tomorrow

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Hello my fellow kinkster,

Since this is my first newsletter, I should probably reintroduce myself to you. My name is Zahvia and I am a BDSM Dominant. If you subscribed a long time ago and wondered “why did I never receive a newsletter update?” – worry not, this is the first.

(Some of you may also remember me by my former name, Lexi Lipstick.)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been feeling stressed about the ongoing horrific events in the U.S. Because of this, I’m feeling inspired to be vocal in the opposite direction and put out some positive, sexy energy into the world. I’ll be live broadcasting 3 new podcast episodes over tonight and tomorrow. Join me if you’d like to hear my thoughts on kink, encouragement, experience a sensual body exercise or listen to my guidance on feminization (see schedule below).

Admittedly, I also thought it’d be cool to do this around the eclipse because I’m woo like that.

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I’m also offering private phone and video chat sessions this week. If you pre-book, you’ll receive a special rate. Reach out if you’d like to receive support, encouragement and/or enjoy some genuine kink play. Details can be found here.
Live Podcast Details

All you need to do to enjoy the podcast is visit the link below. This series is completely free. You don’t need to sign up. I know this is short notice, but I’ll be recording it, so it will stay available at the link below. This is a gift to you and anyone you’d like to share it with. If you’d like to offer something back in gratitude, I will happily receive it via my website, but there is no requirement. Please enjoy!
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Sunday, Aug. 20th  |  11:30p-12a
My BDSM Philosophy

Join me as talk about BDSM from my perspective – both the sexy aspects and the potential for deep life enhancement.

Monday, Aug. 21st  |  2:30p-3p
Eclipse Encouragement Talk and Sensual Body Exercise

Times have been difficult for many. Let me remind you how soothing it can feel to tap into your sensuality. I’ll be guiding you through a sensual exercise during the second half (not explicitly sexual, but probably NSFW).

Monday, Aug. 21st  |  9p-9:30p
How to Explore Feminization in 10 Steps
The art of being femme is a favorite topic of mine. I’m going to guide you in how to start and how to deepen your exploration of femme. *Note: this is open to people of every gender identity*

Talk to you soon! And remember, the episodes will stay up at this link if you can’t make the live broadcast.

In Sweet Divine Kink,