New City, New Name

In front of Chicago’s “Cloud Gate” aka the Bean.

It was time for a change. A couple, in fact. I’m moving into a new phase in my work and with that, I’ve decided to relocate and grant myself a new name. Let me update you on a couple of important things:

Firstly, I will forever be fond of the San Francisco Bay Area and plan to travel back as often as possible, however I have decided to make Chicago my new home. It’s a beautiful and vibrant city and I’m excited to explore all that it has to offer. I’ve already begun connecting with people in the kink community here and have found an amazingly sexy dungeon in which to hold my training sessions (in both Logan Square and the West Loop). Being amongst new (to me) surroundings has already proven so beneficial for my creative process, which is inspiring me to complete the editing of my first fetish video (more on that soon!). So, as of October, I am now primarily in Chicago. For my Bay Area friends, fear not, I will update you of my travels via my email announcements.

And next, I have decided to grant myself a new name. My former name, Lexi Lipstick, is a name that brings back many lovely memories for me, but was no longer feeling quite as congruent as I’d like it to feel. I’m a fan of changing that which no longer fits – whether it be a name, a location, a hair color, a life path or whatever it is that one wishes to change. It’s not a light undertaking, of course, and it’s one that I gave much thought to, but I feel lovely in my new name. So, going forward, I will be known as Zahvia. Let me be clear, however, that my deep fondness for lipstick has not changed 😉

That’s two grand changes in one season! I’m excited to explore my upcoming adventures with you. Shaking things up and trying new things light me up from the inside out. I know that in my process, in my commitment to keeping my inner spark burning brightly, I will pass that on to all of the friends I meet along the way. For magic is contagious.