Session Details

I offer different rates for different types of appointments. Below you’ll find details for five types of sessions: Kink Appointments In Person, Distance Training, Feminization Sessions, Social Appointments and Fly Me to You travel appointments. Sessions are intended for deep exploration as well as time to authentically connect; rates and minimum timeframes reflect these priorities.

Kink Appointments In Person

During BDSM and fetish play sessions we can explore a variety of kinks, from the lighthearted to the intense. Dungeon or domestic space rental is included, unless otherwise noted:

$600 one and a half hour
$750 two hours
$1000 three hours
$1800 six hours**
$3000 half day or overnight**
$4000 full day**
$2000 each additional day**

**Incall fee is in addition to rate listed and will be discussed before booking. Rates do not include any applicable dining, event tickets or extensive travel expenses.

Distance Training

Sessions via telephone, email or video chat (Skype and Google Hangout) are otherwise known as distance training. They are a wonderful way to engage if you cannot make it to my location or if you’d like to stay in contact between in-person sessions.

Pre-paid sessions receive a special rate. I also utilize Niteflirt, but my rates there are on a per-minute basis. I accept payment via a few discreet online methods.

Phone Call: $100 per every 30 minutes
Video Chat: $150 per every 30 minutes
Email: case-by-case basis

I must have verification that you are a legal adult. If you have previously sessioned with me in person or via the above online platform, that will suffice. If not, age verification is extremely easy and you will remain anonymous to me. I will send you details.

Feminization Sessions

Feminization sessions are for you if you’re looking to explore your femme side, whether through conversation, social time or a hands-on approach. They are not necessarily kink or fetish sessions (but can be combined with kink and fetish if you choose, so we will discuss this beforehand).

Because I offer multiple session styles for feminization, it’s best that you visit my site to learn more.

Social Appointments

This session is for you if you’re looking to confide in me or enjoy some lovely time connecting outside of the charged environment of the dungeon. These are strictly talk sessions and never public play sessions.

Appointments for social time can include conversation while dining together, having tea or coffee. I am extremely open-minded, intuitive and educated in a diverse range of topics related to human sexuality and gender expression. As such, I am a compassionate confidante and guide. Importantly, I will respect your desire for the utmost discretion.

Our meeting location will be discussed beforehand.

$400 for 2 hours (minimum)
$200 each additional hour

Dining expenses and extensive travel are not included and will be additional to the rates listed.

Fly Me to You

If you cannot make it to my current location, but you’re ready to session in person, I am available to travel to meet you. I am passport ready and available to travel both domestically and internationally.

Don’t let your busy schedule keep you from enjoying your kinky life.

Fly Me to You session rates equal the rate of the appointment you’ve chosen as per above (I may require a minimum timeframe), plus airfare and where applicable, accommodations. I will purchase my plane tickets with your deposit and add the airfare cost to your final balance. Depending on the location or date, a higher deposit may be required (due to increased airfare). Email to inquire.


A deposit is required to confirm all appointments (except for pre-paid distance training sessions). Appointments will not be confirmed until I have received your deposit.

  • 20% deposit for in-person appointments up to three hours in length (not including social appointments)
  • 50% deposit for in-person appointments over three hours, as well as all travel and social appointments

Deposits can be made via one of many easy and discreet online methods that I will email to you. Deposits are non-refundable.


Health and wellbeing are very important. Additionally, I understand that emergencies sometimes happen. If you should need to cancel AND give me at least 24 hours notice – or in the case of travel plans, give me 48 hours notice – I will hold your deposit and apply it to your re-scheduled appointment that occurs within one month’s time of the original appointment (minus any prior expenses I may have made such as airfare, hotel and transportation that I cannot recoup).

In the case of sessions that are cancelled without the required notice (e.g. less than 24 hours for appointments or less than 48 hours for travel plans), your deposit is non-refundable AND non-applicable towards another appointment. If you do not show for your appointment (and haven’t given me said required notice), you will forfeit your deposit, it will be non-applicable towards another appointment and I will not rebook with you without full payment up front for both your missed appointment and your forthcoming appointments. Please be courteous.

Should I need to cancel (which has never happened, but it’s worth mentioning), I will promptly refund your deposit in full. Deposits are taken solely to help ensure I’m carving out time to meet with those who will follow through. I know that a session can potentially be intimidating and unfortunately some people decide last minute that they just cannot yet face their taboos…however, cancellations wreak havoc on my schedule as well as the schedule of the professional dungeons and rentals I book. I will gladly confirm your appointment when your deposit has been received, but not before. Thank you in advance for your courteous cooperation.