The Essence of Bold Sensuality


Welcome, I’m Zahvia. I am a sensual Dominant, femme guide, sex educator and an artist. 

Whether I guide you through the art of sensual kinks, lead you to your inner femme – or both – I prioritize genuine connection and bliss. As a Dominatrix, I am professional and lifestyle. As a femme guide, I offer coaching and support with compassion.

Contrary to the stereotype of a Dominant (aka Dominatrix) being cold and cruel, I view my BDSM practice as an exploratory adventure in sensations. I offer lots of high-octane fun, but also the potential for awakening and soothing years of shame you might hold about your own taboos. Yes, I can be commanding, but I am also playful at times. My kink style is both nurturing and merciless…and very effective.

I describe my BDSM philosophy at length in my podcast here. Though I favor some of the more taboo kinks, I hold space and respect for who you are in tandem to them.

Importantly, I want you to know this: the transformative power of feeling seen, feeling held, exploring your desires and having an opportunity for catharsis is incredibly potent.

If you come to me as a submissive or fetishist, I will guide you in a way that is unique to you and to our chemistry. If you come to me for femme time, I can’t wait to show you how beautiful you really are.

You might feel serious in session, you might laugh, you might cry…or perhaps all three. I make room for you to show up as a whole person with desires, vulnerabilities, fears and joys. My approaches to kink and to feminization are inclusive; I am LGBTIQ+ affirming, I welcome adults of any ethnicity, gender, body size and ability/disability. Individuals, couples and polyamorous partnerships are welcome to contact me.

Present yourself to me. If we have compatibility, I assure you that I’ll work my beautiful magic to guide, tempt, nurture and enliven you.

And to those of you who ask why I do this…why do I lead this kinky life? Why do I encourage femme time?

I do this because I love it.


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